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Where to use connectanum

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Use cases

The web software problem in general

Most web software can only communicate with the web server in one direction. The request response message pattern is sometimes just not enough.

Common web technology is driven by software that uses non-persistent client to server connections. To use Server Push Messages with standard web technologies, long polling, Server-Sent Events or other workarounds are needed to transform regular web servers into a push server. Those workarounds are usually accompanied with a lot of disadvantages like performance issues or insufficient use of framework code.

Connectanum runs on WebSockets and plain TCP to provide a persistent client to server to business logic connection. It is designed to support bi-directional communication between all connected nodes. The java clients framework includes the required structure to write minimal code to support server push events or publish subscribe pattern respectively.

Secure business logic behind a firewall

The connectanum architecture uses a central message broker that connects a user client (browser) to the business logic client (java). Therefore the business logic and all other clients can be hosted behind a firewall that allows only out going connections.

There is no need to place any resources inside of a DMZ. As a result a maximum security for the server environment configuration is possible. Hence nothing is accessible from outside.

Mobile app development

Apps should run on a very low latency mobile network. To provide the best possible user experience, a fast data exchange between the server and the mobile device is highly recommended. Connectanum uses a very efficient WebSocket protocol that reduces the message overhead to the least possible amount of data. In combination with a high performance message processing the user gets the most possible performance out of a network.

Connectanum uses a protocol that is implemented in multiple languages. You may use web apps or native apps to communicate with your business logic. There are no restriction on who connects to the framework.

If few resources are available

Common web servers have a heavy computation overhead because they need to load the framework code and configuration files per request. This can be optimized but has it's limitations and drawbacks.

Connectanum loads the framework before even one user has sent a request. All procedures and event listeners are prepared before a message is received. This behaviour causes a very low computation cost per call resulting in lower energy and hardware costs.

Games, chats and other web software

Most web software like games chats or ERP systems need to communicate bi-directionally with the business logic. A WebSocket communication is obligatory. WebSockets do not have a specified subprotocol. To use WebSockets for remote procedure calls and handle unexpected server response a subprotocol is required. The connectanum client understands this subprotocol and offers a easy to use wrapper to process incoming messages.

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